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Layanan Hemodialisis Hubungi Kami Pasca Stroke Check Up Pranikah Selamat & Sukses Rumah Sakit Umum Antam Medika Telah Lulus Akreditasi dengan Hasil "TINGKAT PARIPURNA" Torch

   Antam Medika is a hospital committed to serve with heart, provide complete health service, good quality and efficiency. Antam Medika has a experienced and experts in medical which concerned the safeness and comfortness of patients and families.

   We have three priority services; General Services, Diagnostic Services and Excellent Services. General Services include Emergency Unit, Outpatient Clinics (Dental Clinic, Mother and Children Clinic, Surgical Clinic, etc), Inpatient Room (ICU, ICCU, NICU and PICU).

   Diagnostic Services is an integrated service for radiology, laboratorium, physiotheraphy, and pharmacy. Diagnostic Services is a special treatment for patient who has functional disorder, injury from nerve system, muscle, bones and cardiorespiratory. Antam Medika has Excellent Services which are Geriatric, Medical Check Up, Mother and Children, Traumatology. 

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Kami dapat membantu Anda menemukan dokter Antammedika dengan memilih Spesialisasi dan nama Dokter. Untuk layanan Konsultasi Dokter dengan perjanjian, dapat menghubungi kami di Nomer 021 29378939


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